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I have personally been lucky to know Dallas as a friend for 25+ years and on a professional level since his career began in real-estate in the early 2000’s. There is a saying out there to never “Mix Business with Pleasure” well this is the one thing that does not apply when you decide to take on Dallas Moravec as your trusted Realtor.
I cannot begin to describe the events and fortunate decision I took to Use Dallas as my Realtor for The sale of my Home last May, and the purchase of my new home. From the day I expressed interest in finding a new home to support the constant changes in my life, Dallas was there helping me Identify the reasons why I wanted to move, providing me with options, helping me evaluate my choices and even giving me the hard truths regarding the realities of a particular property that I had fallen in love with due to the size of the vs the many aspects of this house that I was overlooking due to my emotional attachment rather than then accepting the facts that Dallas helped refocus my attention on.
Dallas provided us with several listings a week, and they were always tailored to what I was looking for. Within a couple weeks, he had narrowed his search so accurately that he found me a house that I fell in love with immediately and decided to put an offer in prior to being remotely close to listing my house for sale. Dallas coordinated the negotiations as a true expert in his field and was able to bring the price down to a fair and reasonable amount that I could afford and work with.
So that was great, now I had a much bigger problem to deal with… how am I going to sell my house in a market where the Average house on the market was exceeding 90 days to be sold…Yikes! Dallas immediately reassured me, explained that I had a beautiful house and that as soon as I was ready he would have a professional photographer come in to help accentuate all the beautiful aspects of my house to help draw attention to potential buyers. We quickly cleaned up and followed Dallas’s direction to declutter, and all his valuable insights that he has surely acquired through the years from his numerous success. When all was said and done, Dallas sowed me the listing and I was beyond impressed. Dallas Listed on a Wednesday morning, we had 2 showings that afternoon, with and offer in that evening. A confirmed offer the next day with conditions on inspection, by Friday my house was sold!
Dallas is a Rock Star! I cannot begin to explain the stress relief of selling within 24h. No more worries, no needing to keep the house clean, no interim financing stresses, all I had to do was start packing!
My experiences with Dallas have always been more than positive and is why I never think twice before referring him.
Thanks Dallas!


Working with Dallas was a pleasure from the beginning, he’s friendly and very knowledgeable as well. We were looking to sell our current house in a very challenging market and we knew we were going to be taking a hit on our current property. Dallas was up front about the state of the market from the very beginning, he managed our selling price expectations but he also gave us a lot of reassurance that he was the right realtor to meet our needs. Within 60 days we found a buyer for our current property, Dallas was instrumental in mitigating the loss we were taking by being a firm negotiator. Soon afterward we found our dream house and put the offer in. In the meantime, our current home buyer ran into financial difficulty and put the purchase at risk. Due to Dallas’s strategy of aggressively relisting the property, we were able to get a competing offer within a week with closing conditions and a sale price better than our original offer. The risk we took isn’t for everyone, and it wasn’t presented as our only option, but my family and I are so grateful we took a chance and made it happen. Without Dallas, I’m confident our home sale would not have been as successful or as rewarding for us as it was. We are beyond pleased with his service, you cannot go wrong with this guy as your realtor.

Marty H